How Much Value Does a Garden Add to a Property?

Impact of Gardening on Property Values

Garden maintenance is a job that can bring long-term benefits to homeowners. If a garden is well-kept, designed and regularly kept in excellent condition (thanks to reputable landscape gardeners), the outside space can bring so much life to a property. There is nothing quite like seeing a garden blossom to life when the sun is beaming down on it.

DPM Design & Build have spared no knowledge of how both environmentally-friendly gardening and garden landscape design can help keep an outside space looking healthy. But there is one question we frequently hear:

Do Gardens Increase Property Value?

If you’re a property owner interested in this, you have likely wondered which garden features will help you see the most significant long-term financial return.

A recent study showed that UK homeowners spend a great deal more time in their gardens these days. It goes without saying that the benefits of landscape gardening have resonated with many property owners over the last few years. Many people rightfully recognise gardens as beautiful outdoor spaces, as opposed to afterthoughts and wastes of time.

This same study revealed a well-kept garden, maintained and designed in the right way, can add anywhere between 5 and 20% to a property’s value.

What features do these gardens have which add value?


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