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For many homes in the UK, the driveway is one of the most important parts. It’s often considered the most noticeable part, and we all know first impressions go a long way as it pertains to our properties. The driveway design itself has a big impact in the overall look of the house exterior, so it is important that you choose a driveway that is going to be both practical and attractive. Driveways are built to last for several decades, so getting this decision right is crucial.

DPM Property Maintenance have experience designing and installing new driveways as well as driveway repair services. There are several driveway styles on the market which are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications across the UK, however the two styles that DPM specialise in are listed below.

DPM have a wealth of experience in all aspects of driveway installation and repair (and how to decide the best one for you), and we can help guide you in the right direction when it comes to designing and constructing driveways. We will always aim to give you full peace of mind when you hire us, by giving you a high-quality, durable driveway that you can enjoy looking at every single day. One that is also fully compliant with building standards and government legislation.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your new driveway.

Driveway Planning Permission

You will not need planning permission if your new driveway uses permeable (porous) surfacing thus allowing water to drain through it. This was a piece of legislation introduced in October 2008, in an attempt to prevent localised flooding, as well as prevent rivers and streams being polluted with materials on driveways.

You will need planning permission if the area to be covered is larger than 5m², for impermeable driveways that don’t allow water to run through to naturally draining areas. Failing to comply with these regulations could mean reparations are required and you will be responsible for the costs.

Here at DPM, we will always ensure complete transparency in our services. We guarantee you won’t be left with an uncompliant driveway.

Driveway Design Options

We provide both block paving driveway and resin bound driveway installation services. We can help you select the most durable and visually attractive options for your driveway, that stay within your budget. We provide both block paving and resin bound materials in a huge variety of colours, designs and styles. You can check out our gallery here.

  • resin driveway can come in one of two options. Resin bound driveways are permeable, therefore preventing the build-up of water in areas across the front of the property. These driveways consist of a mixture of resin and stones, which is then hand-trowelled, allowing for an even, smooth finish. These driveways have exceptional lifespans, and require very minimal maintenance, save for an occasional hose down with water.
  • Resin bonded driveways are slightly different, in that the surface is slightly rougher and is not water permeable. Instead of mixing the resin with the stone directly, the resin is applied and the stones are dispensed onto the resin as it dries. These are the slightly less expensive types of resin driveways but it’s worth bearing their non-permeability in mind, if this is of interest to you.
  • Block paving drives are some of the most commonly found across the UK, as well as in patios and pathways. The finished product is durable, consistent and very often, visually attractive. Driveway paving requires little maintenance however does pose the risk of weeds growing between the slabs, so therefore regular driveway paving slab cleaning is something to bear in mind.

You can read more about the advantages of resin and block paving driveways here.


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